Introducing the Mini Wine Pak from ABC Cork:

Mini Wine Pak is your solution for making wine at home. Start to finish in just 10 days, it takes little space, will save you money, and tastes better than what you find in most stores.

Everything you need is inside the box to make 5 litres of wine.

Making wine has never been so easy!

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Featured Products:

Red Wine Pak


A red wine made with black grapes, featuring a rich, bold flavor and bright, fruity undercurrents.

White Wine Pak

Sauvignon Blanc

A refreshingly crisp, dry white wine, made with once-wild green grapes.

White Wine Pak


A classic, medium bodied wine tinged with summery notes of apple and pear.

Red Wine Pak

Cabernet Sauvignon

Our “King of Reds” is a full-bodied wine with subtle notes of black current and a rich aroma.

Red Wine Pak


Our always-popular Merlot is a robust, full bodied wine with lush, velvety notes of fruity flavor.

White Wine Pak

Pinot Grigio

A light, crisp, golden-hued wine, with a smooth, texture that leaves a pleasant taste on the palette.


"The 5L kit is the answer to my “prayers”. I’ve been making wines for 40+ years. Always in large amounts and I am fully equipped to do so. However, making wines in large quantities limited my choice of wines. I mentioned to my supplier that it would be a great idea to offer smaller volume kits. This would allow us to make a greater variety of wines.

Your introduction of the 5L kit not only answered my need but you went a step better. Making wine easy to make, not requiring much space and no need to invest in expensive equipment. I’ve tried 3 red wine kits and found the quality very good. I've now initiated my son, son-in-law and brother by giving them kits as Christmas gifts. They are sold on wine making.

Note: For better clarification instead of using my power filter I pass the wine through a basket-type coffee filter. Does the job."

Next project....white wines

Ed Samoluk

DIY Amazing

Amazing product, good instructions, super easy to do. First batch finished 10 days after it arrived, cleared up nicely even without filtering. Tried the Merlot and the Pinot Grigio to start and they are very tasty. Much better than the 15$ wine at the BCLiquor and way cheaper. Very satisfying to do it yourself. Basic flavor dependent on the grape, no oaking or aging, so the wine tastes fresh. Which is perfect for meals and whatever. I could probably add flavoring and oak chips or something as I get more experience with the process.

Some people mentioned fizzing, this easy to fix, simply make sure you stir/shake well at 7 day mark before stopping the fermentation.

By Sam

Easy and tasty

Sure you have to wait 10 days, but this is super easy to do. Granted my wine was a bit fizzy :) , but it tasted good. I could not unscrew one of the bags, so I just cut it open which worked fine.

By Tristram Shanty

Great as a starter kit.

Very easy to make. Self contained kit makes 5 litres. Don't know how it will taste in 8 days. I'll probably just try a sip and let it sit for a few months. If it works, it is by far the easiest kit I've ever used and I have been making wine for 20 years.

By Randy Osborne

Easy and well worth the money

Living in an isolated community and no access to wine, this has been a great discovery! The wine is great and taste like a typical boxed wine!

By Jeani
Nunavut, Canada

Easy Peasy

I tried the Shiraz and it was great! It's so easy; just follow the instructions and from grape juice to wine in 10 days! It's a very light wine but it's nice to sip on while relaxing at home. Will definitely be trying the others!

By Jennifer

Worked perfectly

Nothing bad to say here - all good. This was incredibly easy, even though I was nervous about it. It worked exactly as it should, instructions were clear and understandable. Nothing but positives. I will be buying a lot more of this product.

By Doesn'tmatter

and I aged it more then the box suggested (and i suggest you do as well) Young wine doesnt taste good and there isnt shortcuts t

Average tasting wine, and I aged it more then the box suggested (and i suggest you do as well) Young wine doesnt taste good and there isnt shortcuts to that, dont buy into that hype.

By Thess

Three Great Reasons to Make Your Own Wine:

- why let the pros have all the fun?


Share with Friends

Drinking wine with friends and family is the best part about enjoying a good bottle of wine - now you have an opportunity to brag that the great bottle is actually yours.

It's Affordable

You'll be able to produce 5 litres of your very own wine for a great price per bottle.

Start a Hobby

Creating something can be a fun challenge, but the challenge becomes even more satisfying when you can enjoy the fruits of your own labor.